My IVY Ally brings quick and easy access to Ivy League alums to help you with your college application process. Get personalized help in minutes by one of our Allies on the team

Our AllY will not only help you design your university list but also strategize to maximize your acceptance rates, hone your story for college essays and build the standout profile that differentiates you from the crowd

No more expensive agents or running after counselors…MyIvy presents an affordable, personalized solution to all your university application needs

With our strong focus on student ALLY relationships, we are your friend abroad to answer any questions on scholarships, visa process, interview questions, and career counseling (and even things like what to pack/what not to pack ;-). So hop on and give us a chance to get to know you by scheduling a free consultation.

Anything from the Freshman 15, Fraternity/Sorority memberships to spring break trips or just the crazy weather in college towns, we have you covered and always just a phone call away.

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Today there are thousands of schools and hundreds of countries to choose from for your educational options. How do I pick the best school, what is life abroad, how should I prepare for my university applications? these are some of the questions that MyIvy will help navigate and guide you through.


We have a dedicated team of counselors with a combined experience of over 50 years and success rates at Ivy Leagues such as Harvard, MIT, UPENN to name a few.


We help students through a systemized approach of working and helping each of them build that profile that gets them into their dream college and desired scholarships.


We organize special workshops, conferences and seminars to educate students about the life abroad and what they should and shouldn’t bring with them while hopping on that plane to a new country.

With an undying passion for each student’s success, MyIvy will walk with you every step of the way from ideating the profile to executing each and every detail that goes into making your college app successful.

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